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On 21st January, Facebook launched its new web analytics tool called Post Insights, which will allow page admins to review how many ‘impressions’ each post on their page receives.

Admittedly it is still in its preliminary stages; it is slightly unclear what exactly is involved in an ‘impression’ and how accurate they are, but this is certainly a step in the right direction for businesses looking to engage in social media.  Communications teams often struggle to ‘sell’ the merit of social networking to MDs because they cannot quantify its ‘readership’ with any accuracy, but this will hopefully pave the way for this type of evaluation. 

It certainly puts Facebook one step ahead of Twitter in this field, though Twitter has long been planning the corporate package for the site…

I vote for more of the same from our social media bigwigs, analytical tools will cement social media as an absolute must in all companies marketing make-up, rather than a desirable side-line…


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