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We all have our favourite video – either the cat that screams ‘no, no, no’ (Radio 2’s Chris Evans fave, by the way) …

or the twins talking in their own secret language…

Viral videos have been known to dominate pub discussions, sporned their own video genre and even increased the longevity of the stalwart TV program ‘You’ve been framed!’

Yet, it’s almost impossible to predict what videos are likely to become mass hits amongst the globes’ population.  Most can list the characteristics of the viral video – funny, short, sometimes edgy, sometimes even troubling; but even in these characteristics the viral video has no obvious winning formula.

This can make the lives of people in the media, advertising and communications field somewhat difficult as clients request a ‘viral’ to promote their latest product or service.  Just as the guys at TNR said at their latest video production workshop at the Press Association building in London, one needs a substantial budget to pay for guaranteed views in order to ensure it goes viral.

Even with all their experience, the TNR chaps were still unable to pin point the magic ingredient which would ensure a video would go viral organically. Yet, one thing we do know for definite is that video will be sticking around for some time yet.

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