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Only a fifth of marketers in organisations including Coca-Cola, RBS and the COI view social media as a core element of their marketing strategy, according to a study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

I hate to harp on a point (I just can’t help myself), but perhaps the distinction here is the use of the qualifying ‘core’ element.  Should social media be a core element of a marketing strategy or complimentary to it?  Once again, I would suggest the latter in most cases (though there are always exceptions)…

Perhaps more worrying and in need of clarification is the fact that a third of respondents believe that some responsibility for social media lies with the PR department, 12% that the research department should be involved, and 7% that IT is best placed to deal with social-media strategies.  Social media has still not found its home within the marketing mix and until it does so many companies will remain ‘skeptical’ of it. 

It is up to the social media champions amongst us to investigate, understand and demonstrate to our companies and clients how it can effectively work for them.  Social media can offer brands a wealth of opportunities, try exploring them before being skeptical.

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