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Following on from my previous entry about research proving we can only maintain 150 friendships – a news in brief item in today’s Daily Telegraph reports that in fact the average Briton has only 22 “mates”, but only three of these are actually true friends.  My social circle is dwindling by the minute!  Not to mention the 24 friends we drift apart from as ‘life gets in the way’.

This left me feeling quite distressed and pondering which of my 179 contacts (already slim-line after the previous purge) would qualify as my three true friends.

In all seriousness, I tend to take this sort of research with a pinch of salt, and I hasten to mention that it is not new news – the Daily Mail reported much the same last year.

But it did start the brain cogs turning and wondering whether there is in fact a similar number for the social networking presence we can maintain.  How many social networking sites could you consider yourself to be an active member of?  I have had accounts on MySpace, Bebo, Ning, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn….the list probably goes on…but only the latter three have stood the test of time and are sites I would consider myself to be active on?

So with that in mind I feel a poll coming on…click the option below to indicate how many social networking sites you are active on…and be honest now!

Although …if the answer is three, that is probably still quite excessive to accommodate our 22 mates and 3 true friends!

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