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So, the behavioral model has been adapted to all sorts of different applications, but what about social media?!  Here’s a look at what sort of Tweeter you are, through the eyes of the behavioral model – and with a little artistic license of my own!

Source: creativenerds.co.uk

  • Driver – loves to engage with the experts in their field.  Tweets are concise and to the point – only Tweets when they have something interesting and constructive to contribute to the conversation.  A confident no-nonsense tweeter.


  • Expressive –loves to tweet about everything and anything, likes to share thoughts and ideas via Twitter.  A frequent but thought-provoking Tweeter!


  • Amiable – a bit of a Twitter story-teller, relating their own experiences to Twitter rather than re-tweeting others’ articles.  Likes to engage with all of their followers, not just the experts.  A friendly Tweeter!


  • Analytical – likes to post data – facts and figures and links to recent online stories, including their own reflections on the information.  An informed and conscientious Tweeter!

So which category does your Tweeting style fall into?  I think I probably air on the side of an analytical Tweeter…but of course you should try to incorporate an element of all of these traits into your tweets, and many of the most interesting feeds do.

Who do you think is a good all-round Tweeter?  Try and identify which post falls under which category and you will come close to finding the ideal mix of driver, expressive, amiable and analytical.  Go on, give it a go….

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