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Guest blogging for us today is our amazing intern, Amy Tortoishell, who’s been working with the Twelve team over the last month. Here she takes a look at that pressing debate – Are you Instagram loyal hipster or trendy Vine convert? 

The many varieties of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and so on) have been buzzing with the ongoing battle of the video apps this summer.  Following the launch of videos on Instagram, comparisons between it and Vine have been popping up all over my various newsfeeds.

From Mel Do Tell blog.

The only one that’s stuck with me is their video lengths.  Instagram’s 15 second videos allow those artsy creative types far more to work with than Vine’s 6.

But in reality, aren’t they, like so many forms of social media, just the same or similar service with a different name?

Granted, Instagram started off in a different format.  When I bought my iPhone last year, it was Instagram, not Facebook or Twitter, that I was really excited about downloading.  I love the filters and I love the photos.

But in my mind the videos service is an add on.  I enjoy watching the videos my friends post on Instagram (once I figure out how to make them play), but it’s not why I use it and I don’t know if I would ever put one up.

Equally I don’t want my iPhone clogged up with yet one more app I don’t use, which is why I wouldn’t download Vine.

So that’s why my money’s on Instagram to outlast the competition in a heavily saturated market.

Instagram has updated its services whilst still keeping those foundations that have attracted 130m monthly users.  I may not want to upload a video, I may not want to download an app specifically for videos, but I will watch them once I’m done editing my photos.

Big brands wanting to make a hit with the new video trend should remember this vital feature, rather than stats on video length and filter quality.  Instagram has a bigger user base; almost ten times that of Vine.

A question for all those brands and companies that already have an Instagram profile and advertise with it, why would you start all over again on a service that does half as much?

If you have already spent the time building up a following on Instagram, sharing photos and videos, why would you try again on Vine sharing only videos?

Call me lazy but that sounds like a waste of time.

I’m not bothered about how many videos are uploaded a week from Vine or Instagram, or how many new users each has, and neither are many other everyday users.  I, like virtually every Instagrammer I know, am interested in the picking the perfect filter that makes my lunch look like something rustled up in a Jamie Oliver inspired moment, or turns my hair that perfect shade of blonde.

Yes, once I have finished with that, I will watch a brand’s video of their latest campaign, or admire the accents in their photo, but only because I’m there already.

Amy with our other lovely intern, Emily, both have been working with the Twelve team over the last month.

Amy (left), with our other lovely intern, Emily (right). Both have been working with the Twelve team over the last month.

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