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This month’s Cosmo back page features ’10 signs you’ve taken social networking too far’.  Remarkably I scrape by with a respectable five points (though admittedly with an element of selective memory and if the article was featured on the website you would probably conclude that no self-respecting person should fall above the three mark…).

But this made me wonder what the 10 signs that a business has taken social networking too far would be….

I think perhaps finding ten would be a bit of a stretch because the rulebook for social networking changes dependent on the company and what it is trying to achieve.  But certainly a trap that no business should fall into is trying to engage with absolutely every social networking site just to be seen to be using it.  Not every company will benefit from a Facebook group or fanpage – because it might not be effectively reaching its key stakeholders, on the other hand for high profile brands it is essential.  Other companies might not benefit from a YouTube channel, simply because they do not operate within a sector that lends itself to video-marketing.

The trick is finding the social networking site(s) that will be of real benefit to your companies communications plan and focus your attention on them.  Your return will be far greater and there is nothing worse than companies trying their hand at social networking activities that they clearly do not understand or use properly.

In the wise words of David Cameron, too many twits…


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