You may already have been grappling with the Facebook timeline on your personal page for sometime.  Every one has an opinion on it – some love it, some hate it.  Personally, I love the concept of being able to see the different life events on your friends wall and scroll down through old conversations, but some of the practicalities of the layout send me a bit batty (pictures push out the layout of some text posts when placed alongside each other etc. etc….it just doesn’t look pretty)!

But that aside, timelines look like they are here to stay.  And by the end of the month all business pages will be migrated to this layout as well, so you need to get to grips with it before it creeps up on you.

Here’s some important pointers:

  • Include a cover feature – this runs across the top of your page and is a great opportunity to include an image that really represents your brand.  It can include and signpost your brand and web address etc. but try not to be overly promotional.  Go for something eye-catching that is likely to stick in your followers mind.
  • Keep a regular check on comments being posted on your page.  You can ‘hide’ any irrelevant posts (but be careful not to overly censor) – but equally it is great for page visitors to see your interaction with customers / followers.  Make sure you respond to all comments you receive in a timely and effective manner!
  • Increase the prominence of popular posts – clicking on the little star at the top right of a post and ‘highlighting it’ spread it across both columns and draws your followers eyes.  This is particularly effective with images.
  • For really key posts you can ‘pin’ these to the top left of the page for seven days.  Pick these wisely because they can decrease the dominance / impact of other new posts.
  • You can still use additional tabs / pages (e.g. through tools such as ‘page modo’) but be aware that these now feature across the top bar – the headline needs to be enticing to encourage your readers to click on it and experience the wealth of information you have included there!
  • The timeline does make the admin panel more accessible – this now appears at the very top of your page when you log in and will include all of the notifications that you need to be aware of. Make sure you review this regularly to keep on top of comments etc.

So, that is just a bit of a whistle stop tour for you – the timeline is a bit daunting at first but there are lots of benefits for your business pages so I really encourage you to stick with it, play around and learn new stuff.  And then you can come back here and tell us all about it!