A recent study has found that many people regret the things that they post on social network sites:

“Internet users were warned over the dangers of pressing the “send” button in haste as research suggested that millions of people have posted comments and messages online which they later wished they had not.” (Source: Daily Telegraph)

The study really focused on personal use of social networking, but the lessons should apply to business approaches to social media as well.

(Source: Daily Telegraph)

Social media gives you a voice to talk to a wider audience about subjects that you are passionate about and demonstrate your experitise, but it can also be easy to hide behind your digital voice and make rash / unresearched claims that you wouldn’t make in the real world.

So, whilst I would always encourage you to use online platforms to be honest and share your personal views – do think before you type and make sure that the message you are putting out there is one you are happy to live with; both for yourself and for your company.  Your online thoughts and feelings can live forever, make sure they are ones worth sharing!