I have regularly extolled the virtues of blogging for business; particularly as an individual blogging to build up a profile for yourself as an expert within your field.  But blogging is daunting for many because of the time required to research, write, edit and manage a blog.

There is one particular blogging platform that makes the role of blogging shorter, sharper and slightly easier.  Tumblr.  I mentioned it in my previous entry because none other the Barack Obama has started using the site but I thought it might be helpful to extol the virtues of Tumblr for the person on the street.

Tumblr has been described by the Daily Telegraph as “the smart thing to be doing online these days [tumblelogging], which is to weblogs what text messages are to email – short, to the point and direct.”


A tumblelog does not require reams and reams of text, many people use it to just share images / videos / ‘finds’ on the internet but the content expectation not quite the same as a traditional blog so it is perfect for your CEO that wants to share quick bullet points of lessons learnt from a recent conference, or to post pictures of an event.

Tumblr is a mix between a blog and a social network (with more characters available than Twitter – but only when you need them).  I definitely encourage you to give it a go whether you want to create a personal blog for yourself with business objectives, or a unique and funky blog for your company.


Let me know how you get on!