Andrew Robson, who is currently completing an internship with us here at Twelve PR, talks about the benefits of social media for recruitment purposes:

The UKis growing ever more connected with 77% of homes now having internet access and 27% of adults able to access internet on the move through their smartphone. Indeed the average Brit now spends ten hours a day connected to the Internet. We know the internet is inescapable and that its force in society cannot be underestimated. For the first time, businesses are finding ways to act on this knowledge and boost their bottom line. Where once social media was a realm for well, socialising, it is now a powerful business tool.

Recruiting is one industry receiving a helping hand through social media. Companies now use Twitter in growing numbers to post job vacancies and those listed with the same hashtag are grouped together for easy searching.

The emergence of “Apply through Linkedin” negates the need for jobseekers to manually upload their CV for each application and the process appears more straightforward. To the same extent that we as users never switch off, we are relying on businesses to stay switched on and guard not only our social lives, but also our business and economic interests.

{source: Mobile Recruitment Apps}

Mobile access through apps also helps us maintain these links. The first apps helped (or hindered?) us socially, now they are moving into all other aspects of our lives as businesses join the smart phone revolution. Through the release of an app a company can reach out to new groups of people and display both fun and condensed content.

Thanks Andrew.  So are any of you relying more heavily on social media to aid the recruitment process?  Which routes do you find most successful – Twitter, LinkedIn, apps – or perhaps another social media site?