According to digital bible that is Mashable Facebook is currently trialling a real-time ‘what is happening now’ feed in the right-hand panel of the Facebook homepage:


(source: Dazeinfo via Mashable)

Although the current news feed allows users to see their friends status updates, posts on mutual friends walls, events friends are planning to attend, page likes and recommended pages, the real-time function will incorporate some of the updates previously included in the news feed as well as allowing users to what their friends are liking, sharing and commenting on in real-time.

In many ways, this seems to be only a slight extension of what already appears in the news feed, but it does create opportunities for businesses using the social networking site; if your company is creating interesting and engaging online content, users are more likely to share it with their friends – and with a wider audience than Twitter’s sharing community offers.

The tricky bit is coming up with a campaign worthy of sharing, but that’s another story….(and that is where Twelve PR come in)!