It has been reported that Twitter is considering offering advertisers branded pages, similar to Facebook Pages in an attempt to increase its advertising revenue.


Now, I am not normally a fan of platforms imitating and ‘borrowing’ ideas from each other (think FourSquare style Facebook places) – if a social network stands the test of time it should have carved out its own niche and distinct function rather than trying to compete with the big boys, that is how it survives.  Don’t get me wrong I can see the benefits of one platform that can perform all functions and I know that every platform has to evolve, but shouldn’t it do so by innovating and generating new ideas?

Well that is one school of thought.  But then Facebook and Twitter are the big boys in the social networking sphere, and whilst I have a personal account (read: celebrity stalking account) on Twitter I tend to use it largely for business purposes, whilst Facebook is purely for my personal social networking, catching up with friends and the like.  So perhaps there is some room for some movement here.

From this point of view the benefits of Twitter adopting a Facebook style page – brands can use Facebook for B2C campaigns, because that is where consumers are, but there are limited applications for Facebook on a B2B level (at the moment).  Twitter pages could change this dynamic, allowing brands that want to market to the business community (and on some levels consumers as well) the opportunity to share information and content beyond the constrictions of the 140 characters.

Of course, the very fact that this is aimed at advertisers specifically will bring with it associated costs meaning that companies will have to weigh up the return on investment that this opportunity could provide, but I for one will be watching eagerly to see what packages Twitter come up with…..