So, we all know the hype about YouTube – it has launched a career for the likes of Justin Bieber (more’s the pity), the most viewed video on the site (excluding music videos) has is excess of 283 million views and most of today’s digital natives know exactly who to follow for the latest hilarious clip.

But what does that mean for business?  Is your business using the platform effectively, or even at all?


This entry is a look at some of the ways that businesses can utilize YouTube to engage with a wider audience:

Customize your Channel

It is important that you have brand continuity throughout the platforms that you are communicating through, and YouTube is no different.  It actually allows much more customization than other social networking platforms such as Facebook – you can setup your own channel with branding and complementary colour schemes.

Engage with Users

It is the age-old adage of social media, but it really is all about engagement, and YouTube is no different.  In order to make YouTube work for your business you should be leaving comments on other relevant users videos, you can even do this as a video response!  Link up with those that are relevant to your business and start a conversation through video….

Relevant Content

Don’t post up videos for the sake of it, make sure they are relevant to your business, and more importantly that it is content that your target audience will be interested in.

On a similar note it is also important to utilize content that you are already producing, if you hold regular workshops – why not setup a camera in the room and record the session for your YouTube channel.

Analytics to Inform Strategy!!

Using the insight button, available on all videos that you upload onto YouTube, can give you a better idea of which videos people are viewing and which they aren’t…

If your ‘top tips’ features are proving to be a success, but only a handful of people are viewing the lengthy videos of various lectures, perhaps your strategy and time needs to focus slightly more on the former.

Consider Advertising Opportunities

Similar to Goggle’s pay-per-click opportunities, YouTube also offers ‘promoted video advertising’.  A great way to get your content in front of relevant people, you only pay when someone clicks through to you video.  Definitely worth considering if you have available budget and want to make sure you content is reaching your target audience, particularly when your account is new….



There is of course lots more that you can be doing with YouTube, but hopefully this has given you some ideas to encourage you to set-up an account, or better utilize your existing one!  Happy YouTubing!