As digital prefect, I have long harped on about the power of Twitter and the opportunities is provides companies to form key partnerships, and provide access to otherwise unreachable contacts…but the micro-blogging site has actually provided three budding entrepreneurs with investment opportunities.

Earlier this week, the Daily Telegraph reported that Simon Dolan has invested £800,000 of a £5m investment pot in three business he found via micro-blogging site Twitter. Taking the concept of the elevator pitch…or the Twitter pitch…to a new level, Dolan chose the three companies from hundreds of hopefuls who sent him 140-character tweets explaining their business propositions.


In the article Dolan explains that he came up with the idea in an effort to find a use for Twitter. And what an incredible use it was. The remarkable thing about this Twitter-fairytale is not just the success story for the entrepreneurs but the application and trust placed in the platform by Dolan. To choose investment opportunities based on just 140 character pitches (though I have no doubt he did his background research too) really demonstrates the shift that digital media is creating towards less is more and transparency.

It is important that every company, and individual, can sell themselves in this succinct way….so I encourage you all to think of your own twit-pitches…for yourself and your company; how would you secure investment/win a pitch/secure a job position in just 140 characters…it is actually quite a challenge.

Answers on a postcard just isn’t appropriate for this one…so answers in a tweet! (Or just posted below…).