The dawn of social media has opened up a sense of community amongst colleagues and public relations companies… the old adage ‘knowledge is power’ will no longer wash.  In order for us all to keep up with the exceptionally fast paced evolution in digital marketing we have to collaborate and share knowledge in order to keep up; no [wo]man is an island and all that, and this is particularly true with social media – there is so much to learn that we simply cannot do it in isolation.


With this in mind, at Twelve, we have recently started ‘Digital Wednesday’ (which interestingly enough took place on a Thursday this week, we like to be quirky).  This gives us the opportunity to discuss digital developments that we have heard about during the week, share interesting social media campaigns and discuss how we can utilise these developments for our company and our clients.

But the collaboration doesn’t have to stop within your company, and in fact it shouldn’t.  The current hot topic of various networking events at the moment is ‘social media’, encouraging people to share ideas and examples of best practice.  But whilst this is creeping in, I don’t think that we are yet making enough of the opportunity to share and learn from others about their own social media ‘finds’.

So this is a call to action…a virtual invitation to our Digital Wednesdays: use this blog to share your latest discoveries in social media, talk about campaigns or ask advice. 

I love to get on my DigitalPrefect soap box and blog about social media, but please do feel free to share your knowledge with me too…after all, that is what social networking is all about…collaboration.