We all know that Twitter is the social networking tool to use to connect people. How could we not? We are told so all of the time. But few of us actually believe it, or better still act on it.

Yesterday, however, I found myself re-enthused by Twitter’s ability to connect people. Why, I hear you ask? Because I received a tweet from Radio 1’s Tim Westwood. Not strictly a business connection, but bear with me, there is a moral to this tale. My tweet from Westwood was a response to my own tweet commenting on his humorous contribution to the Chris Moyles show. My tweet did not request a response, and nor did I expect one, but simply be mentioning his name as an @ reply I found that he did the same by return. And it was very exciting.

Now I am sure that many of you would argue that a tweet from Westwood would not help your marketing or business strategy. And I am sure you are right, but it does demonstrate how Twitter can connect you with people that you previously found unobtainable.

Last month I also received a response to a Tweet directed at Sam Baker, editor of my current favourite magazine Red (I am slightly fickle when it comes to my magazine reading habits..). Again, it was only jovial banter, but Sam has previously referred in her editor’s letter to Tweets she has received on a particular topic that has later informed the direction of particular elements of the next month’s magazine.

Twitter makes people that were previously unobtainable to the masses, such as celebrities, sports stars, MPs, journalists, suddenly accessible. It provides the mechanism to make personal contact with others, whom you might not otherwise be able to contact.

Admittedly, neither of these examples has allowed me to build up a relationship with Westwood, or Sam nor have they provided me with any business gain. But they do show the possibility that Twitter allows.

I am sure you have all read hundreds of examples of how businesses have connected with partners, potential clients, consumers and trade associations online. But now is the time to stop reading about it, and start doing it for your own company.

The opportunity it there, it is up to you to engage and use Twitter to your best advantage….take the opportunity to connect with the figures within your industry that have previously seemed unobtainable.