I have already covered a guide on ‘how to tweet without looking like a twit’ in the guides section of the blog, but as Twitterville grows (apologies in advance for that shameful use of Tw in front of everything Twitter related but I just can’t help myself…) a certain ‘Twittiquette’ has developed.

With this in mind I have been thinking about the things that are best not to do on Twitter, from a company point of view, and below are some of my suggestions.

Digital Prefects Guide to How not to Tweet!


Do not write in first person it can look strange and disjointed on a company feed.  There are of course exceptions to the rule – if you adopt a system of incorporating an employees initials after their Tweets, it is easier for followers to see the Tweet is in the ‘voice’ of an individual rather than an employee.  If you want your company feed to have the personal touch, you can attribute an employee to be the face of your company, and include their name in the biog information…however, this can cause inconsistency when people move on.

Text Speak

An interesting one because Twitter was originally created with SMS in mind, but test speak seems to be frowned upon in the Twitter community (not sure that Twimmunity works..).  For company feeds in particular text speak does not look very professional. 

Exception to the rule on this one is text speak can be forgiven if space is tight (140 characters can be hard to stick to) but always make sure abbreviations are obvious!  Nobody wants to read gobbledygoop…

Tweeting Across More than one Post

Ideally you don’t want to have to post one Tweet across two posts (though it can work sometimes).  As your feed comes up on your followers homepage interspersed amongst Tweets from other people they are following, post information across two posts this will often get lost amongst Tweets from other people and often the message can get lost. 

However, if it is really necessary, you need to post both quickly (fastest finger first stylee) to make sure they are as close together on your followers’ home page as possible .  Handy hint: it is a good idea to prepare them first in a word document so you can Tweet them together one after the other.

Irrelevant Topics

It is important to add a bit of personality to the feed so the occasionally weather update or information about what is happening in the office can bring a feed to life ..but unless it’s a personal feed most of your followers won’t want to hear about what you got up to at the weekend or what you are eating for your lunch.

So they are my thoughts on Twittiquette (sorry again)….anyone disagree or have any others to add?!