Being a relatively new blogger myself, and also a PR practitioner, I probably fall on both sides of the fence for this.  DigitalPrefect is by no means established enough to receive unsolicited approaches – but I find myself wondering how I would feel if I did.  To begin with I imagine I would feel flattered that some dashing PRO had considered my blog influential enough to approach with topic suggestions.  Then I imagine how I would feel if it happened every day…ten times a day….and I probably come a bit closer to the mark of the frustration felt by many of today’s most influential bloggers.

On the other hand, as a PR professional, I am always on the look out for interesting, influential and innovative blogs that might be relevant to my clients.  I for one would certainly welcome feedback from the blogging community on how best to make approaches when I do come across them.  We all know the rule about not sending generic releases to blogger, making sure you are familiar with their blog etc. etc. but I suspect what is needed here from both camps are some guidelines and some hints and tips (I am a lover of helpful pointers to start you on your way….).

So I second Cate’s suggestion (or probably tenth or one hundredth it by now I imagine) – bloggers and PRO’s let us unite and start on a happy journey towards successful collaboration…