I get overly excited at news of a new social networking craze and immediately rush to my laptop to find out what all the fuss is about.  But I find that I have to placate myself with old favourites while I wait for location-based social networking to enter my virtual world.

Foursquares arrived onto our shores, express delivery from the US, back in October.  Since then its popularity has surged, but we still lag behind the US, which has a plethora of similar sites available (Gowalla, Hot Potato…)

It’s still not available for those of us that live outside of the major UK cities but it certainly brings with it a wealth of opportunities.  The networking possibilities will come into their own as more people start using it (want to know who else is at your conference without having to indiscreetly nose through the sign-in sheet – yes please) but other commercial opportunities will no doubt grow as the site does.

There is a danger of it all getting a little bit ‘big brother’ on us, but those that aren’t comfortable living in the social networking limelight only need to take themselves out of the arena – you are in control of your own involvement.

I personally am suitably intrigued with what is tipped to be the ‘next generation’ in social networking, and am patiently waiting for Banbury to make its appearance on the map, but in the meantime a trip down to London might give me the opportunity to play…