All fashion bloggers/trend setters/budding fashion journalists much surely be jumping for joy at the news that G-Star are using social media to find would-be journalists to report live from the upcoming New York Fashion Week, February 11-18.

Those wanting to join the glamorous and the stylish in New York, and report on their findings, can enter via their favorite social media site (Flickr, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter) by submitting their best denim look.  I will most certainly be keeping an eye on the G-Star website for live streaming of the entries…I am hoping this will fill a void that X-Factor has left (perhaps hoping for too much)?! 

But seriously, surely this is a testiment to the growing influence and widespread reach of the social media networks.  It has potential to be a real triumph for the rise of citizen journalism, if amongst ‘little old us’ emerges a diamond in the rough – the next Hilary Alexander!

I fear that I am merely a wanabe fashionista, more of a glass eye than a real eye for fashion.  Otherwise I would certainly be entering this exciting competition….