It has come to my attention, as a self-confessed social networking addict, that my guilty pleasures (namely Facebook and Twitter, with the occasional LinkedIn fix…) are increasingly trying to imitate each other. 

No sooner have I got used to my Facebook ‘live feed’, which has began to very closely resemble my Twitter page, but the next thing I know Facebook has developed its own ‘retweet’ function.

Retweet? Why do I need to retweet (so to speak) on Facebook?  Many of my friends status updates are insightful to me, certainly, (you’ll be pleased to know that GS has just booked a holiday for 2 in March) but do all of my friends need to see that reposted on my Facebook page?!  I think not.

It seems that Facebook has forgotten that people use different social media sites for different purposes.  Facebook is my personal networking – my lifeline to friends old and new (though my boy friend might argue ‘taking over my life’ as opposed to ‘lifeline’).  I personally know every single one of my 215 ‘friends’.  Not best friends of course, but people that I have known from different times in my life and would like to keep in touch with.  Now, I must admit, I do occasionally like to indulge in the odd bit of ‘Facebook stalking’ at the expense of the poor souls that have yet to discover the ‘privacy settings’ but that does not mean that I want to become inundated with the musings of those I do not know or care to know.

My Twitter account is quite another story.  I certainly cannot claim to be friends with the likes of Stephen Fry and Rob Bryden, but I love to read their twitter witticisms.  On Twitter I am just one of their thousands of ‘followers’ that doesn’t imply or require the same familiarity as ‘friends’.  It is the arena for shameless nosiness.  That said, Twitter is not a play thing for me of course – it is my celeb watch but it is also my work watch and keeps me up-to-date on all of the industry news in just 140 characters.  That’s fast food for the news world.  Yes I follow friends on Twitter, but really only out of a sense of duty.  I already know their movements on an hourly basis – Facebook has seen to that.

Some would argue each to their own – different people use the various social networking sites for various purposes.  And I whole heartedly agree.  But those who wish to amalgamate their social networking platforms have the resources at their fingertips to do so, from the likes of FriendFeed.  Please also indulge those of us that prefer to keep our personal and business social networking separate. 

Having said all of that, as with all devoted Facebookers who instantly revolt at new layouts and functions (what fit it if it ain’t broke, we all cry), I am sure that by the time February comes round I will begrudgingly be forced to admit that those clever Facebook chappies do know best and I am happily reposting ‘via’ my ‘FaceyB’ friends.  Watch this space…